Karen Knotts went to USC where she learned her craft well:  she was directed by the
great Emmy award-winning director Alex Siegal (
Diary of Anne Frank).  After graduating,
she did shows in Equity regional theatre across the country, including
Norman Is That
in which she played a hooker, and Mind with the Dirty Man in which she play a
prude!   Karen’s first break in TV was playing a suicidal hippy hitchhiker in
l starring George Peppard. In addition to reciting limericks while “smoking pot” in
a car, the part required her to throw herself through the car’s windshield.  After that fine
training, Karen played a more relaxed role as a former high school beauty queen in
Return to Mayberry.  Bit parts in many sitcoms followed, she was even directed by the
colorful Carol O’Connor.  Sitting in Lulu’s Beehive cafe one afternoon, Karen heard that
Rick Sloane was having trouble casting demented prison guard Mavis for his
series.  Anxious to break the chain of “goody” roles, Karen auditioned and got
the part.  
Vice Academy has become a cult favorite in video stores and on the Internet.  
Another favorite role is the sexually frustrated French artist Celimene in David Hefner’s
period piece A
n Occurrence at Black Canyon which became a hit on the festival circuit.  
Upcoming is Sy Rosen’s
Speed Dating. Karen still loves theatre and is currently a
member of The Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre where she was nominated
for an ADA actor’s award for her portrayal of a jealous wife in the hit comedy
Lend Me a
.  In addition to acting, Karen has written and produced a documentary about
illiteracy, a television pilot for children, and a musical comedy for the stage.  

In her new show
Tied Up in Knotts , Karen shares life, love, a nervous breakdown and
growing up with her famous father, Don Knotts, all in the name of comedy. The world will
always remember her legendary father, actor and comedian Don Knotts, who played the
role of Barney Fife on the long-running hit sitcom,
The Andy Griffith Show. He recently
died at age 81. Karen, in her one-woman show, talks about herself so candidly that you
can't tell if she is the most vulnerable woman in the world or the most psychotically well
defended. Karen's style of comedy in
Tied up in Knotts involves storytelling with
characters that bring her emotional swings to life. Her amazing ability to interrelate with
audiences and her dynamic stage presence have put her in great demand.  

Karen's website is