It all started when Cliff was playing bass guitar and being a roadie for his friend's
band back in high school. Between practices, he would teach Cliff to play. During
practices, Cliff would operate their sound board and found that he had a more natural
gift for mixing rather than playing.

Cliff attended the
Institute Of Audio Research in Greenwich Village, NYC. He interned
in midtown Manhattan editing books on cassette, and graduated in June 1986. His
first job after school was at the
Atlantic City Entertainment Studios (ACE Studios) in
Atlantic City, N.J. as an assistant recording engineer. Duties included set up and
break down of recording sessions and live sound showcases in their multi-track
recording studio. Next was
RKO Radio Pictures, purchased by American Sound and
. This facility did audio and video cassette duplication. He started at the bottom
as a loader, (loading ½” running masters into the loop bins for audio cassette
duplication), then QC (quality control) of those tapes he used to make. Soon after, he
moved into the video department, then back to the audio department as chief audio
mastering engineer and finally supervisor of both departments.

Cliff Moved to California in 1989 and began work at
Pioneer Video Manf. Inc. in 1990.
He started as a QC (quality control) inspector and quickly became a video editor. He
briefly moved to the sales department and after nine months, went back to the video
department as supervisor.  He also installed and calibrated all the equipment
(consoles, waveform and vector scopes, monitors and 5.1 surround sound) in the
master control room, four edit bays, two QC bays and a DVD emulation room.

In 1999, Cliff began his current employment at
Image Entertainment, Inc. as a DVD
producer/project manager. He has produced over 2000 titles so far and is also the
technical advisor for customer service.

Cliff  has worked on several outside projects such as
Dressing the Nelson’s and
Stupidman and has also started his own business with his partner Tommmy Skok
CLoK Classic Home Theatre (website to come). They do home theatre
consultations, design, connections and calibration.

Only time will tell what still lies ahead.
                                                CLIFFORD J. GREENOUGH
2521 W. Beachy Pl.                                                                                                 Home (714) 826 2080
Anaheim, CA. 92804                                                                                               Work  (818) 534 9260
A goal-oriented professional audio/video engineer and producer with over 19 years of technical and a
supervisory experience. Highly organized ability
in audio mastering, video editing, scheduling, sales, production control and project coordination.
Experience in home theatre consultations, installations and calibrations. A team player with a strong
work ethic combined with exemplary communications skills.


CA.                                                                                                                                     6/99 - Present
Post Production and Distribution Company

Technical Advisor and Consultant – Production Department
* Troubleshooting possible DVD disc defects and technical support for Customer Service Department
DVD Production Coordinator – Production Department
* Final approvals of editing, quality control, chaptering, menuing and navigation of home video DVD      
releases of feature films, concerts, documentaries, etc.

PIONEER VIDEO MANUFACTURING INC. – Carson, CA.                                                  10/90 – 5/99
Laserdisc Manufacturing Facility

Supervisor – Video Processing Department
* Set up, installation and calibration of analog and digital, multi-channel editing and quality control suites
* Supervised and trained employees in encoding, editing and quality assurance standards of
production source tapes and running masters
* Facilitated coordination between shifts to reach production goals
* Production control and scheduling of mastering programs
* Problem solving – technical and administrative
* Maintenance engineering of studio equipment

Movie Studio Sales Representative – Sales Department
* Sales and Customer Service Representative – home video laserdisc releases
* Technical support and customer relations liaison

Video Editor – Video Processing Department
* Off-line and on-line digital video tape editing, (NTSC and PAL) and film to video 3/2 pull down
* Pre-mastering feature films for home video laserdisc release

Quality Control Engineer - Video Processing Department
* Implemented rigid quality control standards of digital videotape release for laserdisc production

AMERICAN SOUND & VIDEO CORPORATION – West Caldwell, N.J. / Valencia, CA.            1/87 - 2/90
Audio and Video Tape Duplicating Facility

Assistant Supervisor – Video Department
* Operated and supervised all audio and video tape duplicating, quality control and mastering

Chief Audio Mastering Engineer – Audio Department
* Transfer and mixing of ¼”& ½” analog tape, DAT and PCM 1630 digital tape to running masters for    
cassette duplication

Video Technician - Video Department
* Set up source masters for optimum video and audio transfers fro video cassette duplication

Quality Control Engineer - Video Department
* Basic fundamentals of sound quality, mastering and leadering

High Speed Tape Duplication Engineer - Audio Department
* Preparation of cassette tape and running masters for duplication. Maintenance and set up of
duplication machines


- Greenwich Village, New York
Graduated June, 1986
Special studies in audio electronics, technology, design and various studio functions

Graduated June, 1981